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Hello world! Meet Stanley Gitau M

Posted by All Current News on June 15, 2012

Stanley Working Online

“I’m a great believer that any tool that enhances communication has profound effects in terms of how people can learn from each other, and how they can achieve the kind of freedoms that they’re interested in.”

I am an Internetpreneur

I belief anything i put my head into is bound to succeed. i know not failure and refuse to be part of pessimism. experience, I believe, is man’s most treasured item. Currently, I’m running a blog on Personal Hygiene, Sexual Health and Allergies@Fungal Infections.
I am also a SEO Expert,  web editor, web article writer, academic writer,blogger and entrepreneur. seeking untapped opportunities is a daily career.

I run a site on current news and political updates @politicalyearupdates.
where i share my views and that of others on social media.

I am passionate in web hosting and as such run a Techno Blog @TechnoBlog

With this site, i wish to bring in a professional and more engaging debate on all current news, Trends and Hype be it Social, E

conomic, Political, Health, Business, Technology, et al. so long as it is a current trend, I have got it covered. Join me as I launch my career in Professional Journalism


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More and more dads continue to give up 8 to 5 day jobs to work from home

Posted by All Current News on July 10, 2012

What has been commonly branded as work from home jobs for mums is now singing a new slogan. It is not only mums desperate to find work from home opportunities today but also dads who in recent years have taken the job search more aggressively.
Working from home is essentially a good way to keep tabs with your young baby boy or girl. Instead of hiring babysitters to run baby care for you, having a work from home job enables you to get be a responsible parent and bread winner at the same time.
Working in the local firms has their advantage, that’s for sure. Getting that stable check at the end of the month is crucial to paying bills and the like. This is not to say that one cannot succeed in getting a good work from home job to handle payment details.
Today, more and more dads have joined in the search for online jobs and as such taken more parenting responsibilities. Juggling with childcare and work strain is now a common phenomenon in most homes.
According to research done by the leading firm in health insurance, Aviva, there are presently more stay-at-home dads than it was ten years ago. Out of every seven fathers, one of them is usually the childcare provider.
Louise from Aviva remarks that, “it is interesting to see the world of parenting shift roles. The husbands are taking up more jobs that require them to spend more time with children in the house as well as keep them bread winners of the house. It is clear that, the norm of who does what in the house is gone. Unlike the previous decade, it is great seeing that mums and dads are no longer fixated on traditional roles…”
Late nights and early mornings are now a thing of the past for one Mark Wakefield, dad to Finley Wakefield from Steven age. His tale is one that proves how over 45% of work at home dads are contented with staying as child givers. He says that his son came six weeks earlier than his expected birth day. This was shocking and the late nights and early mornings dint seem to help much. He says that, since he started his web design company while working from home, he has enjoyed every bit of time he hangs out with his child. He knows that he wouldn’t have had the luxury of spending as much time with his son, if he had a regular job.
Working from home for Marc has seen him grow a small business into a reputable enterprise with a major success from businesses all over. He started out with charitable work, building sites for charities and NGO’s. Eventually, he got calls from other small businesses in need of websites and graphic design for their needs.
Today, this work from home dad has nothing but the stars to focus on. He looks to grow from his current status to even more flexible hours, so that he can spend more time with the family.
In his final remarks, Mark says, “working from home has made it possible for me to be my own boss and eliminated the stress that comes with employment. It allows me to go wild with my imagination with my performance been the defining factor of my success.”
What Makes Working From Home Appealing?
1. Flexible Working Hours- Working from home makes it easy to follow own time schedules. You no longer get to start out at 8 and end your days at 5 and sometimes extend. With an online job, you can work from the comfort of your home when you choose to.
2. Get to Spend Quality Time with Family- for every work from home dad or mum, the desire is to spend time with that new born and siblings. This is important in that, stronger family bonds are created enabling parents to be closer to their children. This is not only for closeness with children but also with your spouse. Research has shown that over 67% of divorces are as a result of unavailability of the spouse. Even though working all day long may guarantee a good cheque at the end of the month, it is not worth having a lot of money, with no one to spend it with. Above all, Family comes first.
3. Be your own boss- I need not expound on this point. It is easier working on a flexible schedule when time frames are out of the way. With special skills, you get to have clients trust you for the performance of your hands. Such gives you chance to be your own boss.
4. Incremental income- when you have your own job, you are never worried about retirement and the like. It is strictly working to get the best out of your expertise. Incremental income comes with hard work and reputation. Within five years or more, a small business will have acquired a reputation and this becomes reason for progress and business continuity.
Risks Involved In Work from Home Jobs
1. Unlike regular jobs, there is no guarantee of success.- success in such opportunities comes with hard work and patience. Since you are your own boss, you get to decide on how your future will be like. It is advisable therefore, before making a resignation move, one need to consider alternative methods of making an income. Are you skilled in any particular expertise? Do you have necessary training? Are your services marketable and if so, is there ready market?
2. Working from home can turn you into being lazy- unlike in formal jobs, where one must follow rules of engagement to the letter, home jobs have no rules other than individual own set regulations. Without a set of rules and regulations, it becomes quite hard to make it in this sole business. just like any other job, it is necessary to have targets and set out guidelines that makes sure that you are disciplined enough to wake up early, start working, follow a schedule of events and see to it that daily targets are accomplished. Failure to this, one is most likely to become lazy and end up regretting making this choice.
3. Common misconceptions- many work from home dads and mums join with the wrong mentality. It is not a guarantee that one will make it neither is it a get rich quick scheme. Work at home opportunities are there for hardworking folks and in many cases, result to better pay for those serious enough to follow through.
In the end, the choice of whether to go for work from home opportunities is yours to make. Trying it out in your free time before settling on it wholly will most likely give you an idea as to whether it is a good idea to go forth with.

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Us ambassador to Kenya quits after differing with Obama over leadership style

Posted by All Current News on June 29, 2012

Us ambassador to Kenya quits after differing with Obama over leadership style.

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Security Incident at KU Graduation Ceremony on 29th Friday, 2012

Posted by All Current News on June 29, 2012

Security Incident at KU Graduation Ceremony on 29th Friday, 2012.

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Us ambassador to Kenya quits after differing with Obama over leadership style

Posted by All Current News on June 29, 2012

Major Scott Gration Resigns amidst uproar over gay party hosted at his home in Gigiri on Tuesday 26th June, a move that elicited public outcry

Major Scott Gration has quit his diplomatic post as US ambassador to Kenya after differences arose with President Obama in Washington.

Major scott leaves Kenya having barely served one year since the departure of the previous ambassador to Kenya Mr. Michael Rannenberger in May 2011.

His departure leaves many questions answered as to the exact differences that led to the dismissal from service. His resignation has been welcomed by leaders all over the nation as a good riddance to a diplomat accused of slowness in enforcing reforms agenda.

In a statement sent to media houses, Gration stated that, “differences with Washington regarding my leadership style and priorities in governance lead me to believe that it’s now time to leave.”

He claims that he submitted his notice of retirement last Monday to the secretary of state and to the president of United States of America, President Obama to be effective as from the 28th July 2012.

He resignation sends mixed signals because of the outstanding special relationship with the US and Barack Obama whose Father hails from the Siaya county, Alego Village in western province.

The ambassador hosted a community of gays in his official residence in the past week, a move that elicited public outcry from Kenyan government officials. According to the laws of the land, the gay community remains outlawed. The gay party held at his home in Gigiri on 26th June 2012 is believed to be the first of its kind in Kenya. The move ruffled feathers with religious leaders in Kenya. The event was deemed to be part of the Obama’s new administration policy to fight prejudice against lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender communities among us. The move follows several successes for gay rights advocates in the U.S over the recent years.

Imenti Central Member of parliament Gitobu Imanyara says the, “the Ambassador was too sympathetic and cuddly with bosses of impunity, corruption and nepotism in Kenya.

He leaves office barely an year after the former outspoken ambassador Michael Rannenberger relinquished his post after poor working relations with Kenyan Government officials.

Comments all over the social media term the immediate former ambassador as Reckless and a good riddance to the nation.

One anonymous comment read and I quote, “You have to atleast be a Kenyan to survive in Kenya… just like Rannenberger!”

Us Ambassador to Kenya resigns on May 2011, he was succeeded by Major Scott Gration who resigned on 28th June 2012 as a result of differences with President Obama in Washington

this recent developments comes in the same day as the Kenyatta University 32rd Graduation Ceremony

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Security Incident at KU Graduation Ceremony on 29th Friday, 2012

Posted by All Current News on June 29, 2012

Kenya police force in Kenyatta University

security detail at the 32nd Kenyatta university Graduation ceremony

Security was overly tight at Kenyatta University Grounds this morning as graduands flocked the floor in anticipation of the 32nd Graduation ceremony. With the accompaniment of friends and relatives, thousands found their way to the KU grounds using the Gate B and under tight security.

Police officers and the boys from National Youth Service were deployed in large numbers and every guard seemed to have an eye for suspects disguised as students or party goers.

For one such Suspect “Zero”, it wasn’t all pomp and glamor as the heavy police boots landed on him upon seizure after a reported theft incident. His was a tale told to many! Security was no joke.

Suspect Zero was caught at the second gate just close to the proposed new administration building entrance( former culture village) and he survived merely by the grace of God.

The NYS boys caught the above pickpocket whose identity is yet to be confirmed. The suspect whose identity was unverified was soon escorted to a waiting police vehicle amid blows and whips from the dedicated youth force. It was indeed a lesson taught to many in the broad daylight.

Speaking to AllCurrentNews Journalists, Mr. Kamau, a senior police officer pictured above remarked on the need to maintain discipline in the graduation ceremony and urged onlookers to refrain from uncouth behavior. His force was taking matters of insecurity seriously and any offender caught in an unlawful act will suffer the full weight of the law. “If you notice any suspicious characters, we urge you to report them to the authority on every part of the grounds.” He said in his concluding statements.

“Caution; as you go through these celebrations, albeit all security measures in place take care of your property and get to know who you sat with”

AllCurrentNews wishes all graduates all the best in their future endeavors

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Hello world! Meet Stanley Gitau M

Posted by All Current News on June 16, 2012

Hello world! Meet Stanley Gitau M.

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Eulogy of the Late Professor George Saitoti – Current News on Politics, Economics and Social-Spheres

Posted by All Current News on June 15, 2012

Eulogy of the Late Professor George Saitoti – Current News on Politics, Economics and Social-Spheres

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Eulogy of the Late Professor George Saitoti

Posted by All Current News on June 15, 2012

Descriptive Quote about Saitoti

“Our success as a nation is not measured by how many years we have governed or how many wars we have won. It is measured by the quality of life which we have created for the society that our ideals were founded upon. ”

Mathew Morgan  (born 1988);

Below is a tribute to the late professor George Saitoti, a true patriot and a right man of God.
Professor George Saitoti dies at 66 years having lived a full life. He leaves behind the legacy of a true patriot and a man of great compassion, intellect and peace.
At 66, he was a son, a devoted family man and an intellectual who have left a wide gap in Today’s world.
Humble Beginning
Professor George Saitoti has led a true and fulfilling life. Many will remember him for his zeal to succeed but few know him from his humble beginnings. He climbed up the social ladder through years of hardships to finally reach the pinnacle of the society where his reputation came to being. In the middle of Oruruwa in Ngong, Kajiado, Professor George Saitoti was born in 1945 at the agakhan hospital by parents’ Zachery and Zippo rah Mubanji.
He started his academic journey at the Oruruwa primary school where he scored marvelously and joined the prestigious Mang’u high School. This was in the year 1960-63 after which he attained the highest rank. He attained the highest rank in the country only held by four others such as President Mwai Kibaki, the Late John Michuki, and Cardinal John Njue.
In 1967, he won the prestigious scholarship to join Braden University in the States. His specialty in math started on this early and he soon graduated having attained a first class honors’ alumni award, the highest offered by the exuberant university.
He secured a place in Sussex University in the UK for a master’s program where he majored in Mathematics. He later joined Warwick University in 1972 for a PHD and hence the title Professor.
He married Margaret Saitoti for 16 years.The two were blessed with a son Zachary and many in laws. As a family man, Saitoti extended love, affection, and care to family and in laws. To him, the concept of family extended beyond kin and kings. He was a true patriot who placed Kenya first and everything else second. Even with the busy schedules and appointment, Professor Saitoti practiced the true values of Christianity embracing and preaching love, everywhere he went.
Having studied abroad and harnessing enough knowledge and skill, he returned to motherland to give back to the society. In 1972, he was employed as a math’s lecturer at the University of Nairobi. He went on to associate professor and later to head the math’s department in 1983.
The late founding father recognized his hard work and intellect and nominated him to the African legislative assembly. He served in numerous ministries from then and as chairman of the Agricultural Wages council. He acted as executive chairman at the Kenya Commercial Bank before he was called to serve by the retired president Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi.
He became a Member of Parliament who later moved to head the ministry of Finance under Moi’s Era. He has been the member of parliament of Kajiado North since 1983 till his death.
Record has shown that his tenure has been of impeccable nature with Kajiado North topping others on fastest growing and wealthiest cosmopolitan city.
Saitoti’s Credentials
 In the political scene, Saitoti has been very instrumental in peace building and conflict resolution. He was appointed the head of the Kanu review Committee which sought a review of what the nation should be led like. His Committee came up with a revolutionary recommendation that saw the Repeal of section 2A of the constitution. The recommendations led to the era of multiparty democracy.
History will always remember Professor George Saitoti for his 13 years term as a vice president of the Republic of Kenya. He served under Moi since 1989 to 1997 to mark the Kenya’s longest serving vice president. He was known to be Diligent, loyal and a tolerant civil servant who was considered a voice of reason in the Government.
After 2002, he joined the PNU umbrella where yet again he revolutionized Kenya’s education system. The Narc revolution saw the Government flag off the free primary education program that has since benefited majority of Kenyans.
Late Minister for security’s portfolio
He joined the cabinet in 2007 in the docket of minister for internal security where he oversaw major police reforms. He stood out as a responsive, practical reformer and a divine agent of global change.
Global Leadership
In 1976, he stood as the vice president of the African Mathematics Union to later join the World Bank and IMF in the capacity of executive chairman, a first for any African leader. This was in 1990-91 after which he became the President of African Caribbean Bank ten years later.
Saitoti as a messenger of Hope
In December 2008, he joined PNU which flagged him into parliament. Last year in November, 2011, He announced his intention to vie for High Office after the retirement of President Mwai Kibaki.
Throughout his political era, Saitoti advocated for peace as he held that peace is a key ingredient in Kenyan Survival for development.
In Saitoti’s last official Speech, he pleaded with Kenyans to Maintain peace throughout this election year.
Saitoti’s last Two Weeks
It was clear from his last two weeks that indeed, he was a crusader of peace. This is evident from the sequence of events that led to his untimely demise.
1.      Professor recently visited wakuokduong region to appease two warring tribal neighbors
2.      His visit to Mwiki church was a also a peace mission to the residents of Kasarani
3.      He graced the church leaders forum where he asked the church elders in attendance to bring peace and harmony to their respective congregation
4.      In Mombasa, on his last official speech, he urged Members of parliament to urge followers to maintain peaceful election year.
5.      On that fateful June 10th Morning, he was on route to Ndhiwa for a church service where he was to aid in the construction of a church of God.
6.      The day following his untimely demise, Professor George Saitoti was scheduled to visit shebila near sotik where communities are in a warring state, on a peace bringing mission.
Final Journey
A dutiful and compassionate leader met his demise on route Ndhiwa constituency in south Nyanza on the June 10th morning in a helicopter crash in Kibiku region of Ngong within his constituency.
1.      He was in the company of: GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS:
1. Minister for Internal Security; Professor George Kinuthia Saitoti
2. Assistant Minister for Internal Security; Hon Joshua Orwa Ojode
3. Pilot: Nancy Gituanja
4. Pilot: Luke Oyugi
5. Bodyguard: Sergent Thomas Murimi
6. Bodyguard: Inspector Joshua Tuankei
He left the world a better place and at 66 years, he has left the nation with such great loss and in need of a leader of his exuberant caliber. Surely his life is indeed a legacy worth narrating over and over. He is to me like Martin Luther King, an idealist reformist
An Ending Quote on George Saitoti’s Legacy

“A life full of enthusiasm, hope and contributions through one’s own talent is a life well lived.”

Kimberly Day – American Writer And Poet

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President’s Speech at Orwa Ojode’s Requiem Mass at Nairobi Central SDA Church

Posted by All Current News on June 14, 2012

President’s Speech at Orwa Ojode’s Requiem Mass at Nairobi Central SDA Church
As soon as the prime ministers speech was done, the president was invited to the podium and he had his speech ready.

Mrs. Orwa Ojode, Andie Ojode,

Family and Friends,
Ladies and Gentlemen
I wish to pass my heartfelt condolences to family and friends, relatives and fellow mourners. Indeed it is a sad day for Kenyans as we remember the life of the Honorable leader, Patriot and selfless of the people. It is a tremendous loss to family, relatives and country at large.
The president went on to say that, “even as we mourn the departed, we celebrate him as a highly regarded leader and a true Kenyan hero. He will be remembered for his great sacrifice and effort to promote peace and security in the country. His zeal and dedication to service was admired by all who worked with him. He was a dependable leader and often called upon to represent his office on parliament.
He clearly articulated the measures his ministry had in place to enhance the security of the nation. He fought for peaceful coexisting with others.
Besides serving well in his docket, he ably represented Ndhiwa in parliament since 1994. His brand of politics was moderate, enabling him to make friends across political divide. We have lost a leader whose service will be greatly engraved. He called on Kenyans to remember him by embracing community harmony. He was a strong advocate to national security.
To the family, relatives and friends of the late Honourable Orwa Ojode,
I know this is a challenging time for you. I am confident however, that your faith in God will help you through these trying times. I want to assure you that we will support you in all you engage in and feel free to call on us to assist you in doing what you feel would have been done by the late Honorable Ojode. We are available to do the things that you think would be done by Ojode.
May his soul rest in everlasting peace.

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